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Reward Points

We now run Reward Points! Yay!

So how do you earn Reward Points?!? - Reward points are given for-

* Signing up to our Newsletter - 100 points!

* Your first order - 50 points!

* Placing an order with us 10 - 500 points!

* Participating in our promotional Social Media campaigns - amount will be advertised on the campaign

* Leaving a product review - 10 points per item

Most points are awarded automatically and can be used against certain products when you have collected enough. You can see how many points you have by logging into your account and clicking on the Reward Points section on the right hand side. Your Points balance is also shown on the Shopping Cart page if you have logged in.

Simply add whichever product you would like to redeem your points against into your cart as normal, then choose to redeem your points in the Shopping Cart and the total cost of your order will be reduced. Any unused points will remain in your account and there is no expiration date on them.

Most of our Standard range of cards are available to purchase with Reward Points, however Limited Editions, One Offs and Wrapping paper is not included. Products that you can use your Reward Points against show clearly how many points are needed in the product page just under the price. If no Reward points are shown then the product is not available to buy using Reward Points. You earn Reward Points on every item in every order you place.

Points for product reviews and social media campaigns are added manually.